Wind and Sling Golf Swing System

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The Wind and Sling Golf Swing, by Tom Duke, is an online learning system of analysis and videos that detail how the author and career instructor went from a 5 handicap with a swing speed of 105 mph, to an advanced player with a career low score of 65. He has demonstrated swing speeds in excess of 145 mph, and qualified in his first attempting year for the 2013 REMAX Long Drive World Championships in Mesquite, Nevada. Duke is also the Founder of The Original Golf Company (, Partner Owner in Instinct Putters (, and Branding Consultant for

His search for the most anatomically efficient golf swing was the result of years of frustration and injury associated with mainstream instructional concepts around the “modern swing.” Duke says, “I’d bang my head on a daily basis, knowing that every bit of high-level golf instruction I was receiving violated the basics of spine function learned across decades consulting as an orthopedic and spine specialist. I began my search for the golf swing with the current day, high-profile teachers heavily promoted in mainstream golf media. 

Frustrated with those efforts, it migrated to thoroughly analyzing the turn of the century “sweet swinging” greats. I saw some light at the end of the tunnel. My light bulb finally went off through my work with the longest hitters in the world. It became quickly apparent that their techniques were not only able to produce considerably more swing speed than the mainstream instructional methods, but the greats had remarkably straight flying shots. And you rarely hear of long drivers having back problems–their techniques result in dramatically reduced lower back injury rates as compared to current day PGA Tour players and the golfing public at large. Wind and Sling is a perfect storm of distance, accuracy and anatomical ease.

Wind and Sling™ is a must read for all golfers, from first time players, to seniors, to those golfers with advanced skills looking to maximize their distance and understand how to move more naturally and efficiently in their approach to swinging the golf club.”




is the only golf swing instructional system in the world that combines the long drive secrets and techniques of the greatest power hitters the game of golf has ever seen, with the natural, free flowing movements of golf’s “sweet swingers”. Take a never before seen look into :

  • why the “modern swing”, which has been widely endorsed and promoted, violates the laws of physics and natural movement and has not lead to game improvement? (The Vardon Trophy score has not been lowered in 75 years.)
  • why there is a growing trend of back injuries that plague players of all skill levels?
  • why, despite practicing, stretching and fitness awareness, full time golf media sources, technological advancements in video, and constant new club and ball technology, your distance, accuracy and overall golf game does not improve?


  • what is natural movement, and its’ impact on performance?
  • what are the key sources and secret techniques for swing speed not dependent on fitness level and flexibility?
  • what are the key sources for accuracy?
  • what are the biggest misnomers in golf swing instruction?
  • what is really the ideal swing plane, and how do you create it?
  • what is the ideal “path” of the club, and its’ impact on distance and accuracy?
  • what is “lag”, and how is it really created?
  • what is the proper way to “release” the club, and how do you dramatically improve yours?
  • what is the ideal tempo for the golf swing, its’ impact on swing speed and accuracy, and how to quickly incorporate it into your swing?

3008 reviews for Wind and Sling Golf Swing System